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Terms & Conditions

MetaGene Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions of Sale


Date of Issue:               20/04/2021
Version Control:            Version 21.2


Formation of a Commercial Agreement

Receipt of a valid purchase order will be deemed to be formation of a commercial agreement between the customer and MetaGene Pty Ltd. A valid purchase order must signed by an authorised individual of the company / institute and clearly display the purchase order number, quotation number, part number/s, description of goods, quantities, delivery address and invoice address. The submission of a valid purchase order by you to MetaGene Pty Ltd will be deemed to be an offer by you to purchase the goods or services specified in the purchase order. The purchase order is irrevocable and can only be cancelled with written agreement from both parties. We reserve the right to accept or decline the purchase order in whole or in part. Each quotation will be governed exclusively by the terms and conditions outlined in this section.

Purchase Orders and Remittance Advice must be emailed to: MetaGene Admin (a 24/7 monitored shared email address). MetaGene accepts no responsibility for Purchase Orders delayed or not processed that are emailed to the sales team and not direct to MetaGene Admin.

Country of Origin of Goods

To be advised

Shipment & Delivery

Delivery will be approximately 2-6 weeks from the receipt of your Purchase Order unless otherwise specified. If you have specified a delivery date on your purchase order we will endeavour to deliver goods within that timeframe. We will be entitled to deliver the goods to you after the agreed delivery date or cancel the commercial agreement without being liable to you in any way, if the delay in delivery is caused by circumstances beyond our control. You may not refuse to accept delivery of goods unless prior agreement in writing has been granted by MetaGene Pty Ltd. All goods shipped from our warehouse will be transported by the most appropriate means as judged by MetaGene Pty Ltd unless prior arrangements have been made. Should it be deemed necessary, we reserve the right to change the method of freight shipment and are under no obligation to notify you of such a change.  Where applicable, MetaGene Pty Ltd warrants that all consumables identified on the delivery docket/invoice have a minimum shelf life of 2 months from the date of dispatch from our warehouse. If required, MetaGene Pty Ltd will notify the Customer of the Courier Company, Shipping Date and Consignment Number via email/fax/phone at the time of dispatch. MetaGene Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any supply chain delays nor will it entertain any claim for the return/exchange/refund of consumables based on minimum available “shelf life”.

General Payment Terms

MetaGene Pty Ltd will issue an Invoice clearly stating the Customers Purchase Order number for goods and / or services identified. By providing a Purchase Order the Customer agrees to pay the invoice value in full within thirty days of the issued invoice date unless waived in writing by MetaGene Pty Ltd. Failure to abide by the terms identified on the invoice may render the customer liable to a 5% late payment fee. Site specific, inter-department or third party delays will not be accepted as legitimate reasons for delayed payments. When a quotation is issued with a fixed price and no ‘Valid Term’ the price will only be valid for a period of thirty days from the issue date.

Variation to Payment Terms

In specific situations MetaGene Pty Ltd may choose to vary the terms of payment to reflect the specific nature of the commercial agreement. Such variations may include, but are not limited to 50% of monies paid to MetaGene Pty Ltd with the issue of a purchase order, 40% of monies paid to MetaGene Pty Ltd on receipt of goods into your store and 10% to be paid on completion of a defined event such as training or site acceptance testing. This variation has no impact on the general terms set out in the ‘Payment Terms’.

GST Tax Obligations

Goods and Services Tax of 10% will be applied to all items and / or services identified in all quotations for sale in Australia. No GST will be added to goods exported to other countries including New Zealand.

Returns & Restocking Fees

MetaGene Pty Ltd does not accept goods for return that have been correctly supplied against a purchase order. Under special circumstances certain equipment, spare parts and accessories ordered in error may be returned to our warehouse at your cost if the goods have not been opened, used or in your possession for a period of fourteen days or longer. A restocking fee of 25% of the purchase price of the goods may apply to all returns. Goods that are deemed by us to be reagents or consumable items or items that must remain in a ‘supply cold chain’ will not be accepted back into our warehouse under any circumstances.

Special Terms & Conditions

MetaGene Pty Ltd may choose from time to time, to invoke special terms and conditions to specific quotations. Special Terms will be documented in your quotation.

Risk & Ownership

For insurance purposes risk is deemed to have been transferred to you on receipt of goods into your company / institution, store, warehouse, laboratory or premises. Ownership of goods in this quotation will not transfer to the person, persons, company or institution identified in this quotation until we receive full payment for all goods/services.

Until debts are satisfied you will keep the equipment identified in this quotation in good working condition and retain all original shipping / packing material and you will not assign ownership of any part of the equipment identified in this quotation to a third party without written permission from MetaGene Pty Ltd. You grant us irrevocable licence to enter any of your premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice to repossess the goods while you owe us money or are in breach of the General Payment Terms in this quotation. Title for the goods supplied will only pass FROM MetaGene Pty Ltd TO your company/institution once FULL PAYMENT has been received by MetaGene Pty Ltd.

Freight & Installation

Freight and any installation charges will be itemised and included in quotations unless prior arrangements have been entered into.


If required, MetaGene Pty Ltd will provide onsite and at no additional cost to the customer, commissioning engineers to unpack, install, connect and test the items identified in specific quotations. If a prior agreement has been reached MetaGene Pty Ltd will provide the customer with an installation report.


MetaGene Pty Ltd guarantee that goods identified in quotations are free from material defects and workmanship.  This guarantee will be honoured for a period of 12 months unless wavered in the “Special Terms & Conditions” section. This guarantee will be limited to parts and labour but excludes third party computers, hardware, monitors and printers, which are guaranteed for 3 months unless prior agreements are made between the Customer and MetaGene Pty Ltd. This guarantee does not cover telephone support, repair or replacement of any defective part\s resulting from incorrect operation, negligence, malpractice, modification by the customer, addition to an established IT Network, transfer to a third party company \ organization or accidental damage by the purchaser or his servants after the delivery.


All products, instrumentation and equipment identified in quotations will be limited by the terms and conditions stated by the original manufacturer. If no terms are stated then the warranty period will not exceed twelve months from date of delivery to your facility unless prior agreement is reached between MetaGene Pty Ltd, the original manufacturer and the customer. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, made by the company in connection with this agreement or the sale of products, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which warranties are expressly disclaimed.

Severability & Proper Law

Part or all of any provision of these Terms and Conditions that is illegal or unenforceable may be severed from the Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions continue to remain in force. These conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the state /country laws of Australia and New Zealand.


MetaGene promotions are open to all customers in Australia. Promotions and special/discounted pricing will apply to orders received within the indicated promotional timeframe. Promotional discounts apply to list prices in effect at the time order is received by MetaGene. Promotional pricing cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions. All promotional pricing excludes GST and freight costs. All offers are subject to MetaGene standard terms and conditions. Errors and omissions are exempted. Product specifications, terms and pricing are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply. MetaGene products can be used for IVD or RUO as applicable and determined by the product manufacturer. If unsure of product use please contact us on 1800 788 498.

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