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MetaGene is a supplier of chromatography solutions from German manufacturer emp BIOTECH.

emp BIOTECH is a diverse team of expert scientists including biochemists, organic chemists, designers, engineers, researchers, technicians, business developers and more.

emp BIOTECH is dedicated to making life easier with new and innovative tools and technologies and intelligent advice through every step of product development. Quality assurance, transparent workflows and change control are standard. 

Chromatography - Solid phases

emp BIOTECH's Zetadex, Zetarose and ZetaCell chromatography products isolate and purify target molecules in a range of scenarios:


SMART Chromatography™

Remove the bottleneck in your downstream process SMART allows the purification of biomolecules directly from the bioreactor without first having to clarify the feed stream.

It stands for Simplified Method – Applied Radial Technology: Unlike conventional
chromatography, where the feed stream flows through the continuous packed-bed solid phase from top to bottom, SMART Chromatography™ works in the radial, horizontal plane with the cells present.

SMART Chromatography™ covered by US Patent 11,325,104.

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