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Choose from a wide variety of offerings within each antibody from concentrate, ready to use predilute or pre-optimized antibodies built to operate on various automated instruments. MetaGene is your solution for top-performing, high-quality antibodies.

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Intense detection for clinical use.

Our detection kits are simple, clean, efficient and consistent. 


MetaGene offers a variety of ancillaries to meet your needs, including decalcification systems, antigen retrieval, enzymes, blocking reagents, antibody diluents, negative controls, wash buffers, and mounting media.


MetaGene supplies a wide variety of instrumentation including automated slide stainers, digital pathology solutions, antigen retrieval, automated incubators, colony counters, FISH Imaging and Analysis, and more.


Improve your assay development, validation and routine monitoring with cell-line derived reference standards.

High-quality molecular probes for fluorescent and chromogenic in situ hybridization testing.


MetaGene provides chromatography products that isolate and purify target molecules in a range of scenarios.


MetaGene provides high purity reagents, solvents, and phosphoramidites for automated oligonucleotide synthesis.

  • Manufactured under strict quality controls (ISO 9001:2015).

  • Fully transparent documentation and traceable sourcing.

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Is your order urgent?

If you have an urgent Purchase Order - please let us know. We have many antibodies in stock available for immediate dispatch. We also offer expedited delivery from the USA for an additional freight cost.

Seminars, Webinars & Presentations

Interested in finding out more about MetaGene products?


If you are interested in a seminar, webinar (using MS Teams) or presentation please just send us an email using our contact form below.

MetaGene will implement COVID Safe practices in line with State and individual institutional requirements when conducting in-person presentations/seminars.

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