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MetaGene Supports Victorian Ground-Breaking Medical Research

Founded in 2017, Nutromics has a singular vision: to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to a lack of continuous diagnostic monitoring.

Nutromics uses DNA-based sensors attached to microneedles on their wearable patch, which can be attached to the body, to detect multiple proteins, metabolites, drugs and hormones. The patch can utilise multiple different microneedles or sensors and allows for continuous real time monitoring, which can be vital for clinically relevant targets.

Learn more about "Continuous molecular monitoring of human dermal interstitial fluid with microneedle-enabled electrochemical aptamer sensors" - Mark Friedel,   Benjamin Werbovetz,   Amy Drexelius,   Zach Watkins,   Ahilya Bali,   Kevin W. Plaxco  and  Jason Heikenfeld  :

Nutromics is utilising both a Sierra Biosystems Shasta Oligonucleotide synthesis instrument and a K&A Labs oligo synthesiser with emp Biotech oligo synthesis reagents to progress their ground-breaking research and clinical trials.


Learn more about Sierra Biosystems Shasta 96/192 Oligo Synthesizer :

Learn more about K&A Labs DNA/RNA Synthesizers :

MetaGene is proud to support key medical research and breakthrough technology in Victoria with clinical grade reagents from emp Biotech.

Disclaimer: This product is currently in development and has not yet been approved by the FDA, or any regulatory body. All imagery and videos are intended for illustrative and educational purposes only.

LAB ON A PATCH® is a registered trademark of Nutromics Technology Pty Ltd


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