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Remove the bottleneck in your downstream process with SMART Chromatography™ from emp BIOTECH

SMART Chromatography™ from emp BIOTECH is one of the most exciting developments in protein purification.

SMART Chromatography™ allows the purification of biomolecules directly from the bioreactor without first having to clarify the feed stream.  

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Particle-based biomolecule separation is a well-established technique and has been used successfully for many years. However, preparation of the feed stream is a time-consuming and costly step and the problems associated with this only increase as the bioreactor volume increases in scale. Cell removal steps also result in lower recovery of the desired biomolecule, thus increasing the overall cost of the production process. As the primary step in a purification process, SMART Chromatography™ eliminates the requirement to remove cells before application to the chromatography column, reducing the number of steps in the process, reducing time and increasing product recovery.

SMART Chromatography™ uses proprietary ZetaCell solid phases. These are based on large-particle highly cross-linked agarose, which is surface-modified to provide the desired binding functionality. The beads have been designed to allow cells and cell debris from the bioreactor to pass unhindered through the packed column bed. All SMART Chromatography™ and ZetaCell products are manufactured in dedicated ISO certified facilities under strict control and according to the highest of internationally recognized quality standards.

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