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Products you can trust

MetaGene is an ARTG IVD Registered Company and has been licensed to supply class 1, 2 and 3 IVD products to the Australian markets since 2014.

MetaGene represents USA, Canada, France, German, Israel and UK manufacturers that you can trust.

Meeting customer needs

MetaGene is committed to supplying customers with reliable products from trusted manufacturers.

Delivery Commitment

MetaGene seeks to supply in-stock products within 48hrs of receiving a Purchase Order.

Any products not in stock in Australia, will be delivered typically within two weeks of receiving a Purchase Order*.

Customer Pre Sales Presentations, Support & Training

MetaGene offers customers pre-sales presentations.

Training for all instrument sales and ongoing support is available from our dedicated technical team.

Full Customer Experience Service

MetaGene is available 8am-8pm AEST Mon-Fri.